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PostSubject: Want To Join...   Want To Join... Icon_minitimeSat Aug 30, 2008 11:46 pm

Hello guys!! im a MH/BT geared DPS fury warrior looking for a guild that just runs kara and/or ZA ( because i need the badges )

let me tell you a little about myself:-)

Im 15 years old going into my first year of high school.. YIKES!
my fav food is prolly Spaghetti
my favorite video game is ,well you guessed WoW

Dungeons: SSC 5/6 ,TK 3/4, MH 2/5, BT just one :-( that would be Najentus.

Im a very easy going guy i raid when i can and i cant raid all the time .cause i actually have a life that does not revolve around WoW i hate violence and drama in the guild chat . i like to see friendships happening and well nice people being nice to other nice people O.o

Well Thanks for reading this!!!
Cya guys good luck , talk too ya soon
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Cannon Fodder

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Want To Join... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Want To Join...   Want To Join... Icon_minitimeThu Sep 04, 2008 5:13 pm

edit -- I have no clue which way is up.

anyway, thank you for your interrest in our guild. Please register on this site and you will be given initiate access to the forums. When you are registered, I will send you more info on the guild. If we agree on terms, you will be invited to guild asap so you can more easily run some content with us. There will be a trial of aprox. 2 weeks to see if you can stand us =). Please ask in game for an officer invite. Once you have access the to boards, you can look in members section to see who we are. There are numerous alts, so you may want to just do a /who weapons and send someone a tell. See you soon.
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Want To Join...
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